MSFD Guiding Improvements in the
Black Sea
Integrated Monitoring System

Marine Monitoring Programmes
Public Consultation

According to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), EU Member States must establish, by July 2014, monitoring programmes for the ongoing assessment of the environmental status of their marine waters on the basis of the indicative lists of elements set out in Annex III and the list set out in Annex V.
Monitoring programmes (Art.11) should be established and operational by 2014 and updated at least every six years.

The MSFD requires Member States to make summaries of the monitoring programmes they intend to use to measure progress toward achieving GES available to the public for comment. The purpose of this public consultation is to fulfill this obligation and to provide the public and stakeholders with the opportunity to feed into this process and provide suggestions and comments.

Under "Framework contract for services related to coordination between the different marine regions in implementing the ecosystem approach" a project coordinated by Arcadis is under progress supporting Bulgaria and Romania in implementing MSFD.

The public authorities responsible for implementation of the MSFD in Romania and Bulgaria are seeking views on the proposed monitoring programmes in Bulgaria and Romania to measure progress towards achieving and maintaining Good Environmental Status (GES) in their seas by 2020.

The consultation covers monitoring proposals for each of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) descriptors. These relate to biological diversity, non-indigenous species, commercially exploited fish and shellfish, food webs, human-induced eutrophication, sea floor integrity, hydrographical conditions, contaminants, contaminants in fish and other seafood, marine litter and introduction of energy (including underwater noise).

The target audience for this consultation are groups or individuals who use the sea for whatever purpose, or have an interest in it, business users of the sea, national and local interest groups, statutory advisers to government and governments in other EU Member States.
The link were you may find the information:

for Romania - http://apepaduri.gov.ro/dezbateri-publice/

for Bulgaria - http://www.bsbd.org/bg/msfd_monitoring.html

The MSFD requires that Member States put in place measures to achieve or maintain GES in their seas by 2020. GES involves protecting the marine environment, preventing its deterioration and restoring it where practical, while using marine resources sustainably.

Technical and administrative support for the joint implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in Bulgaria and Romania



Project scope & objectives

The overall objective of this project is to support Bulgaria (BG) and Romania (RO) in implementing the Black Sea component of the MSFD CIS WP 2014-2018 (Annex 3), addressing the deficiencies and shortcomings identified within the first phase of the coherence and adequacy assessments (Art. 12 of the MSFD).
Specific objectives are, in particular to provide technical and administrative support for:

  1. Building the information basis for a more coherent and comparable joint implementation of the MSFD in Bulgaria and Romania,
  2. Capacity building activities in the region with the view to strengthening the administrative and technical capabilities in Bulgaria and Romania for joint MSFD implementation, and
  3. Promoting coordination activities within the Black Sea marine region and with other marine regions

Task 1 - Building the information basis

Subtask 1.1 - Developing monitoring factsheets

  1. Carry out an in-depth analysis of the Bulgarian and Romanian national MSFD reports as basis for the preparation of monitoring programmes;
  2. Preparation of MFS template_Arcadis.pdfmonitoring fact sheets for each descriptor for Bulgaria and Romania to be used as a basis of a monitoring roof report for the two countries

Subtask 1.2 - Identifying technical and scientific support needs for 2015-2020 and beyond

  1. To identify the future technical and scientific support needs per descriptor and MSFD element for BG & RO;
  2. To set-up a realistic work plan (appropriate timescales and phases) to fulfill the identified needs;
  3. To complement, where appropriate, with required financial means to address the needs.

Subtask 1.3 - Maintaining the information exchange platform

  1. Maintenance of the existing EEA platform and regular update of the platform with relevant documents and events;
  2. Linking the information exchange platform to the public webpage developed in the project.

Subtask 1.4 Preparing a public web page


Development of public web page for general information exchange on the implementation of the MSFD in Bulgaria and Romania:
  • As a tool for the public participation process in the MSFD, including public consultation of monitoring programmes (art. 11) and the Programme of Measures (art. 13).
  • Linking to relevant webpages of projects: the website should allow easy exchange of information with the Black Sea Commission and the EEA.

Task 2 - Capacity building events


To organise 10 capacity building events to support BG and RO in addressing their technical and scientific needs as identified under Task 1.

Subtask 2.1 - Drafting the list of capacity building events BG & RO

Subtask 2.2 - Identifying a pool of experts relevant for the CBE

Subtask 2.3 - Organisation of the CBE

Subtask 2.4 - Reporting on the issues discussed and conclusions of the CBE

Task 3 – Promote coordination within the Black Sea Marine Region and with other marine regions


  1. Bilateral coordination between BG & RO as starting point – shared MSFD implementation to be presented to the BSCs in order to assess the possibilities of using the initiated activities by the BG and RO Member States as building blocks for the Black Sea Region;
  2. Inter-regional exchange: Lessons learned from other RSCs to be included in work for Task 1 and Task 2;
  3. Involvement of BSC in the CBEs.

Subtask 3.1 - Including information from and other RSC activities as part of Task 1 and Task 2

Subtask 3.2 - Involvement of the BSC (and other RSC experts) in the CBEs and involvement of the BSC in developing the webpage

Subtask 3.3 - Developing the background document